What is NuVu?

We are an independent non-traditional school where the next generation of young innovators develop the skills, knowledge and confidence to solve real-world problems through project-based learning.

Creative Process

At the core of what NuVu students learn is the creative process and how to use this process to problem solve and think critically about the world around them. Part of our R&D work is focused on creating tools and resources that make teaching the creative process easier. Here is a video that describes our creative process.

Recent News

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Our Cofounder and CEO, Saeed Arida, sat down with Tim Fish, NAIS Chief Innovation Officer, to talk about the history of NuVu and its evolution over the years.

Listen to: Supercharging Project-Based Learning Design with Saeed Arida

NuVuX is our global initiative, extending design, creativity, and innovation to K-12 schools and organizations. After years of getting asked "How can we do what you do at NuVu School?" we launched NuVuX in 2016. To date, we've collaborated with 41+ partners, transforming schools with open-ended, creative learning.

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Open House

Join us for an open house on Nov 12th or future dates. To learn more and register click here