Mission and Values

At NuVu, we're proudly reinventing high school education

Our Mission

NuVu brings creative education to students around the world. Our mission is to empower the next generation of young designers, entrepreneurs, makers and inventors who will impact their communities and world through their work and ideas.

Our Core Beliefs

We are more engaged when we are solving meaningful problems.

We should actively pursue new ideas and diverse perspectives.

Students thrive when they set their own personalized learning goals.

Collaboration is key to addressing complex challenges.

Our Four Pillars


NuVu is proud to be different from traditional schools; the modern world requires a bold new approach to education.


Designing effective solutions to big problems requires first understanding other perspectives and experiences.


Our focus on design ensures that students are active participants in the learning process.


NuVu students go beyond simply envisioning what might be possible; they do work that makes a real difference.