What happens when curious students get more opportunities to explore and imagine?

MIT 2009

In his Ph.D. dissertation at MIT, NuVu co-founder Saeed Arida asked what would happen if the elements of design studios were adapted to meet the needs of younger students. Out of that dissertation, the first iteration of NuVu was born. During the early years, NuVu served as mainly a trimester experience for students from local schools.

First Graduate 2016

Students who spent a trimester at NuVu began to ask if it would be possible to stay longer. This led to NuVu’s transition into a full-time school. While we’re still happy to welcome students for a trimester, our curriculum is now designed to serve the needs of students who are with us from 8th grade all the way through 12th grade.

NuVuX 2016

2016 marked the formal introduction of NuVuX, an initiative to offer our learning model to schools all around the world. With partner schools in Hawaii, California, Scotland, Turkey and many other locations, our expanding NuVuX network brings innovative education to students around the globe.

NuVu Today 2024

Our transition to a full-time model has led to the development of advisories, clubs, capstone projects and student government, all of which have been exciting. Each year, our students have more opportunities to collaborate with local organizations, leading experts and our partner schools. This year, NuVu transitioned into a not-for-profit and is currently a candidate for NEASC accreditation!