Studios focus on developing essential skills and creative confidence.

Momentary Futures

Learning about the ways in which our world is evolving through storytelling and animation

This studio focused on imagining various plausible versions of the future. Students identified current technological, sociological and environmental trends. Next, they used speculative design strategies to predict the ways in which those trends might play out in coming years. Students learned about the history of computer graphics and used professional software to generate both images and animated representations of the futures that they had imagined.

Compiled Germination

A VR studio that offers students the opportunity to leverage advanced creation and storytelling techniques to build explorable worlds

This studio was centered around a partnership with The Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University. After visiting the arboretum, collecting video footage with drones and learning from staff about ways in which visitors typically engage with the space, students designed their own virtual reality experiences that allowed users to do things that aren’t normally possible. For example, in some of the VR models, users are able to climb and plant their own trees in the arboretum.