Student Assessment

NuVu students can be themselves and explore whatever excites them

NuVu’s core values are reflected in the way that we assess students, with the emphasis on individual student growth. As a result, in place of traditional letter grades, students receive regular feedback about their progress toward mastery in fine competency areas, each of which is broked into multiple sub-competencies:

Creative Mindset

• Conceptualization
• Design Research
• Iteration
• Critical Synthesis

Personal Growth

• Engagement
• Initiative
• Collaboration
• Project Management

Critical Communication

• Data Comprehension
• Applied Reading
• Critical Writing
• Oral Presentation

Contextual Framing

• Social Contextualization
• Cultural & Historical Awareness
• Design Empathy
• Civic Participation

Making Techniques

• Visual Communication
• Natural Sciences Application
• Documentation
• Rapid Prototyping
• Programming or Electronics Application  
• Advanced Media
• Mechanical Operations
• Fabrication & Construction

Tracking Goals

We recognize that each student has their own goals for the future, and no two students will follow exactly the same path throughout their NuVu careers. As a result, we’ve started implementing a goals-based element of our assessment system.

Throughout each year, students have rich discussions with their advisors and coaches, setting individual goals and reflecting on their progress toward those goals. Whenever a goal is achieved, we document evidence, celebrate, and then set a new goal.