Beyond NuVu

No classes. No grades. Getting into the top colleges? No problem.

Schools Accepting NuVu Graduates 2015-2024

Babson University
Bard College
Brown University
Carnegie Mellon University
Clark University
Cleveland Institute of Art
Colorado College
Cornell University
Emerson University
Harvard University
Howard University
Lesley University
MA College of Art & Design
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
North Carolina A&T
Northeastern University
Oberlin College

Olin College
Parsons School of Design
Pitzer College
Pratt Institute
Rhode Island School of Design
Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
Simmons College
St. John's University
Tufts University
UMass-Amherst Union College
University of Cincinnati
University of New Hampshire
University of Southern California
Wentworth University
Wesleyan University
Worcester Poly Tech

NuVu students are remarkable in that they are well-versed in creative thinking and analytical skills valued by colleges and employers. As each student completes studios and seminars, they build their online portfolio. This comprehensive record of their work at NuVu serves as a powerful tool when the time comes to apply to colleges and/or pursue jobs and internships.

College admissions officers have gone out of their way to tell us how much they value NuVu’s curriculum and learning model. They understand that our students are well ahead of their peers with regard to critical thinking, creative confidence, collaborative skills, technical experience and capacity to grapple with complex, real-world issues.

Watch “The Senior Five”
A short documentary about our class of '19
seniors reflecting on their experience at NuVu