Students learn to think both outside the box and beyond the self

Our students come from diverse backgrounds and from all parts of the world. While at NuVu, they use their skills, character and knowledge within the design process to build authentic solutions that impact the world. By thinking broadly about the world around them and imagining new ideas, they learn to address problems at all scales.

There is no standard NuVu student. Our students include individuals whose curiosity leads them to ask boundless questions, tinkerers with a passion for engineering, design-minded makers, socially-conscious learners who want to make an impact through their work, and those seeking an environment that challenges them to think big rather than hit the ceiling of grades and tests. They do, however, share one thing in common: a thirst for hands-on, interdisciplinary learning that fuels their interests and passions.

I always realized I had that spark and that excitement to learn, but before, I wasn't given the chance to let this grow

Kate Reed
NuVu Class of 2016,
Rhode Island School of Design &
Brown University Graduate

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