December 13, 2022

Winter Session 1 Studios

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Peace Building

In this studio, students will learn about the key aspects of peacebuilding in relation to culture, dignity, and collective identities. This studio will run in collaboration with Euphrates a peace-building organization. Students will conduct in-depth interviews with peace leaders around the globe and design devices that can be used as a vehicle to spark conversations, create dialogue,  and raise awareness of the experience of the “other”.


As artificial intelligence permeates more facets of our daily lives, our interactions become increasingly digitized, abstracted, and depersonalized. This studio will explore the emotive possibility of digital companionship. Students will design a smart object using the household object of a lamp. Just as electrical lighting technology altered people's lives historically and allowed them to extend daylight hours for work, reading etc, our goal will be to imagine how the light can once again be a vehicle for altering the lives of those around them.


Throughout history, food and culture have shaped one another through availability, trade, migration, and globalization. Food Narratives is a storytelling and data visualization studio in which students will explore historical and contemporary issues around culture, accessibility, immigration, and supply chains. Students will design culinary experiences that illustrate and flavor the broader context of current issues, how they came to be, and what they mean for the future of food through delicious interactive elements!

Time to Relate

In this studio, students will embark on an electric journey to debunk the mysteries of physical computing. Students will learn exciting ways to create digital solutions and interactive objects. Students will learn the basics of electronics, deconstruct and reconstruct everyday electronics, examine the process and cycle of electronics, and take a deep dive into the culture of open-source communities and the expansibility of DIY projects.

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