April 8, 2022

Running Boston Marathon for Karam

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Join us in supporting our very own Amro Arida (NuVu Art Director) as he runs the Boston Marathon this upcoming April 18. Amro is running to raise funds for our NuVuX partner, Karam Foundation. Karam Foundation is a non-profit organization that works across Syria, Turkey, Lebanon, and Jordan to aid refugee families displaced by the Syrian Civil War.

Karam Foundation is committed to guiding 10,000 Syrian refugees on a path to leadership by 2028 by creating safe spaces to connect and learn, and by developing a support ecosystem where refugees and their families can thrive. Amro has set a generous goal of raising $10,000 for Karam House, the foundation’s youth center that partners with NuVu to bring an Innovative Education program to young refugees. Karam House provides students the tools, skills, and resources needed to change the future. If you feel inclined to support this cause, please donate here.

Good luck, Amro, we’ll see you on the course!