December 4, 2017

On Display at Boston Architectural College

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In honor of International Day of Persons with Disabilities, ON DISPLAY Global was performed at the McCormick Gallery at the Boston Architectural College on Sunday, December 3, 2018. ON DISPLAY by Heidi Latsky Dance is a deconstructed art exhibit/fashion show that raises questions about the body as spectacle and society’s obsession with body image. It transforms a cast of diverse and extreme bodies, some with disabilities, into a ‘sculpture court’ where the performers become living art. ON DISPLAY began as a simple human sculpture court and is now a movement, a growing portfolio of works that explores and demonstrates inclusion through art. The Boston performance of ON DISPLAY Global is a collaboration between KAIROS Dance, Transformative Culture Project and NuVu Studio. 

NuVu Students worked with local and New York-based dancers to design and fabricate wearable sculptures for the performance.