November 28, 2018

NuVu Summer 2019 Launch

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NuVu Summer 2019 has launched!


We have three summer programs launching today - open to students, ages 11-18.

Summer 2019 Programs:

Summer 2019 "Bioinfinity" (Ages 11-13, Grades 6-8)
NuVu at MIT Design Studios "On The Brink" (Ages 14-18, Grades 9-12, Post-High School)
NuVu at MIT Design Studios Residential (Ages 14-18, Grades 9-12, Post-High School)

Summer 2019 Program Dates:
Session I:    July 8-19, 2019
Session II:   July 22-August 2, 2019
Session III:  August 5-16, 2019

This Summer 2019, we stand at the edge to explore our planet Earth on the brink of change. We’ll examine a range of topics, including pre-disaster preparedness and post-disaster relief, technologies such as gene modification and prosthetics that extend our biological capacities, the use of adaptive technologies and AI to deliver on-demand healthcare and precision medicine, and climate-controlled food production using food computers to deliver tasty fruits and veggies.

Choose from 24 unique two-week studios, including Soft Robotics, Fantastical Droids, Musical Prosthetics, AI Neural Networks, Bio Design: Synthetic Biology, Beyond Earth, Future Augmented Reality Games, Food Fabrication Lab, Digital Street Couture, and more!

Register before December 31st and catch our Early-Bird Discount!