August 3, 2023

A Sneak Peek at the NuVu Studio Development Process

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We are excited to announce three new studio project options for the upcoming semester! These projects offer students the opportunity to work on real-world challenges with partners from the community. 

How We Develop Our Studios

In March, coaches generate a list of possible studio topics. This list is then sent to students in a survey, where they can rank their top choices. After the survey is returned, coaches revise the list of topics based on student feedback and new opportunities that have arisen. 

Throughout the summer, coaches work in pairs to plan the studios and reach out to community partners to get their input and secure resources. Before the school year begins, we send out syllabi for all of the studios to students and families. Students then fill out a form to express their studio placement preferences for all three terms.

Fall Studios in the making: Escape Room Bots, LGBTQ+ Identity and Celebration, and Hidden Histories

Escape Room Bots

In partnership with Red Fox Escapes in Central Square, students will have the opportunity to design elements that could potentially be incorporated into their newest escape room. This studio will involve brainstorming ideas, creating prototypes, and testing designs. Students will learn about the principles of game design and how to create engaging and challenging experiences.

LGBTQ+ Identity and Celebration

The Design Museum has approached us about working together on a project about LGBTQ+ identity and celebration. The studio will involve thinking creatively about how to design, reclaim, and activate local public spaces. Students will learn about the history of LGBTQ+ activism and design, and they will work to develop proposals for new projects. This studio will give students the opportunity to make a difference in their community and to help create a more inclusive space for all.

Hidden Histories

This studio will focus on uncovering the truth behind specific historical events where critical voices were silenced or ignored. Students will work with authors and artists who have experience telling these stories. They will learn how to research historical documents, conduct interviews, and create multimedia presentations. The final products will be powerful and moving, and they will help to shed light on important aspects of our history.

We are grateful to our partners for their support of these new studios at NuVu. We are confident that these projects will be a valuable learning experience for our students, and we look forward to seeing the amazing work that they will produce.

To learn more about NuVu studios and to apply, please visit our admissions page.