July 8, 2024

The Power of Internships: Ari Sinert

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The Power of Internships: Ari Sinert

Ari Sinert is a rising senior at NuVu Innovation School. This summer, while other kids his age are languishing in the New England humidity looking for things to do, he has taken full advantage of NuVu’s connections. Ari landed an internship at Cherish Healthcare, creator of advanced radar-based sensor platforms and artificial intelligence (AI) with the aim to revolutionize health and safety monitoring wherever people live, work, or play.

With the support of his NuVu coaches, Ari says he applied for summer internships across greater Boston—but had yet to hear back from any as the end of the school year approached. Around that time, the CEO of Cherish Healthcare and parent of a NuVu graduate, Sumit Nagpal, visited the school to talk about his start-up and the research his company is involved in. “As the visit was wrapping up, he mentioned an interest in hiring interns for the summer, and he ended up bringing a group of NuVu students back to his office for interviews,” recalls Ari. “I feel like my NuVu portfolio and list of projects I’ve done here is not something any other high schooler has—as well as the engineering mindset that is encouraged here. I already know how to think like an engineer and how to solve problems like an engineer, and that helped me get this internship.”

Ari has the opportunity this summer to work with the Cherish team on a new project aimed at detecting falls through the use of radar. “I'm on the industrial design team, and it is so exciting to contribute in a real way,” says Ari.

Being a high school student with the ability to witness the inner workings of a startup, observe an active CEO in action (“he sits right behind me!”) and having access to a team of designers as they innovate a possible life saving device— is the kind of opportunity that NuVu strives to provide through a network of parents, alumni and local partners.

“NuVu has taught me to work as a group, where you lead, design and build a project together. But here I am learning how to contribute to the group by working independently, and it feels like building upon the skills I already have,” explains Ari. “I’m really enjoying it.”

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