January 18, 2022

Featured NuVu Human: Trevor M.

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Introducing the Featured NuVu Human column! Each month, we will spotlight one of our incredible students. This month, we’re delighted to introduce you to NuVu ninth grader Trevor M. 

Trevor has been a student at NuVu since Spring 2020, and this past week, we had the chance to sit down with Trevor to learn a bit more about what it is like to be a student at NuVu. 

Q: Last year was a strange time to be in school. How did it feel to come back to NuVu this Fall?

A: This year, it felt like I was able to get a lot more done. I remember back in early 2021 we had three online days in a row, and only had one week of onsite studio time before we went into lockdown. Now that we’re able to be onsite, it’s so fun to be back in the space and work all day. Also it feels good to actually see people in person. Sometimes conversations can be really awkward on zoom, and if you’re working with a partner it can be hard to talk about the physical aspects of your project. It’s just easier to just show them in person in the space, so I love being back.

Q: Reflect on some of the successes you’ve had at NuVu. What is one success that you worked through, and how did you feel once you overcame it?

A: In spring 2020 I was brand new to NuVu. It was bad timing, because the pandemic hit shortly after, and we went fully remote. This was a challenge, but also a success. I was able to power through the first studio, and am really proud of what I came up with for my project. It was really rewarding! 

Q: Reflect on the many projects you’ve done at NuVu. What is a project that really allowed you to grow, or challenged you in some way? 

A: There’s two projects I can think of that really made me grow. The project I completed in the first winter session last year was a challenge because even though the studio was remote, the project was physical. Even though not all team members were able to physically construct the model, it challenged us to work on other skills like modeling, and project management. Then, in Fall 2021 I was in a VR studio that was awesome. I felt like I really had a grasp the VR software at the end of the studio, and I was super happy with the outcome of my project.

Q: What advice would you give to new incoming NuVu students?

A: It is important to keep things fun, and think as wild as possible at NuVu. Often it can be easy to think an idea or a project is not feasible, but what I’ve learned here is that pretty much anything can be achieved. Even if you don’t build your idea, there are countless ways to represent it.