January 23, 2019


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Post by Kristina Osborn, NuVuX Program Designer at NuVu in Cambridge, MA

At our NuVuX partner school All Saints Academy, students showcased their work in three Upper School studios as part of the December Expo. The exhibition included a special collaborative studio called “Gathering Lights.” In this studio, students used light to augment, amplify and expand the meaning and understanding of something significant in their own daily lives. In collaboration with our NuVuX school in Rehyanli, Turkey called Karam House, students used light as a medium for storytelling and connection across long distances.

Projects included Purpose of Perspective, where students created custom formed letter objects that created different words when light shifted from one side to the other; the Infinity Mirror, which linked math, the universal language, to an interactive mirror illusion; and The Human Scale, a dancer-inspired sculpture which balanced glowing orbs on its spine. Students regularly met with their peers in Turkey to develop projects that were rooted in their own experience, but were able to be understood from thousands of miles away.