August 6, 2019

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NuVuX: Rethinking School from the Inside Out
As the world progresses further in the 21st Century with a highly collaborative, global framework, K-12 education needs to adapt to stay relevant in the space of learning for students. The era of siloed subjects still permeates across schools around the world and schools are spear-heading new initiatives to break this model from the inside out through the introduction of innovative interdisciplinary curriculum that builds on a school’s makerspace.

Impact Through Innovation Labs
Powerful problem-solving methodologies can be used in tandem with a makerspace to teach students how to solve complex problems without predefined solutions. This panel invites leadership from 3 schools, a private all-boys school in Massachusetts, a public middle and high school in Vermont, and a studio-based innovation school, to share their stories of transformation and creating innovative programs that break down the boundaries of subjects, engaging students in authentic hands-on learning.

Designing for Dancers with Disabilities
NuVu Studio, an innovative high school, reimagines education through experiential design projects. Their collaborations include Heidi Latsky Dance, an integrated dance company, whose work ON DISPLAY seeks to reset aesthetic values and to erase stigma surrounding disability. Students work with dancers with atypical bodies to create wearable sculptures from the entry points of equity and accessibility. The impactful work rethinks how design shapes minds and informs society.