May 9, 2018

Summer studios

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NuVu Summer 2018, Future Worlds


We have three summer programs - open to students, ages 11-18.

Summer 2018 Programs:
Summer 2018 Future Worlds (Ages 11-13, Grades 6-8)
NuVu at MIT Design Studios (Ages 14-18, Grades 9-12, Post-High School, Gap Year)
NuVu at MIT Design Studios Residential Program (Ages 14-18, Grades 9-12, Gap Year)

Summer 2018 Program Dates:
Session I:    July 9-20, 2018
Session II:   July 23-August 3, 2018
Session III:  August 6-17, 2018

In Summer 2018, we will time-travel into the future to explore life on earth and outer space. We’ll imagine the spaces we’ll be inhibiting and use our predictions to design, engineer and build inventions to help us live sustainably, healthily and productively. This Summer 2018, our theme is Future Worlds and we’ll be exploring all these topics and more while working together to design meaningful solutions for the future!

Choose from 21 unique two-week studios, including Soft Robotics, Bio Design: Synthetic Biology, Fashion Forward, AI Neural Networks, Augmented Reality Games, E-Go-Karts, 3D Printed Food,Music Making Machines, and more!