January 20, 2022

Summer that you?

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Journey to the moon and back this summer with NuVu! We are so excited to announce in-person studios for middle schoolers this summer. Join us as we seek new knowledge, connect futurism with pressing needs on Earth, and transform (inter)stellar ideas into real projects.

Zoom your way through Transitopia by designing, building and reimagining the future of personalized mobility. What will vehicles look like in the far future?  What will the systems that support these vehicles look like? To answer these questions, students will construct their own re-imagination of sci-fi and futuristic vehicles, while learning about renewable energy systems such as solar, hydro and wind power. 

Take over the interstellar runway with genre-bending fashion in Space Fashion. Students will reach for inspiration from the internal self, out into the solar system, and in the process will learn the basics of sewing and digital fabrication techniques to help bring their ideas to life.

Registrations are now open! Click HERE to read more about each studio, and register your student for summer 2022 studios.