October 23, 2019

NuVuX in Jordan

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Laser cutter delivery to the roof, check. MDF tables, check. Rolling chairs, check...

The innovation studio in Amman, Jordan is slowly coming to life. This year, we are thrilled to announce our partnership with Ruwwad, a nonprofit community development organization which works with disenfranchised communities through education, youth volunteerism and the grass roots organizing. Ruwwad's approach encompasses an array of programs and initiatives that strengthen agency in students. In addition to their on-site programming, we will be working in partnership with Karam Foundation, our NuVuX partner, to develop a studio-based innovation program for youth in Amman. The innovation curriculum will be based on the NuVu-Karam program which has been running in Turkey since 2017.

To learn more about Ruwwad, read more online.

"Ruwwad developed as an idea in mid-2004, when Fadi Ghandour, founder of Aramex International, one of the world’s leading logistics companies, discussed his intentions to play a more active role in community development with his company’s management team and CSR department. Until that time, Aramex had consistently supported social, educational and entrepreneurial initiatives. And so, in 2005, the decision was taken to establish a foundation that would transcend Aramex’s CSR programs. The foundation would involve other private sector players and work with a specific low-income community rather than allocate resources to various individual projects, and it would carry the name of Ruwwad Al-Tanmeya – The Arab Foundation for Sustainable Development."