July 6, 2023

NuVu Innovation School Spring 2023 Highlights

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NuVu had a successful spring semester, with many exciting projects and partnerships. Here are a few highlights:

Sample Studios

  • Data Driven Architecture in partnership with Land's Sake Farm
    Students in this studio used data visualization and machine learning to explore how agricultural practices can be made more sustainable.
  • Main Street & Side Street in partnership with the City of Cambridge
    In this studio, students collaborated with the City of Cambridge through an urban design intervention by incorporating public art installations that celebrate our city’s diversity. 
  • Psychology of Remote Play
    This studio explored the impact of remote play on social interaction, teamwork, and creativity. Students created a variety of projects, including games, simulations, and social media platforms.

Spring Exhibition Design Fair
Students showcased their final Open Innovation projects to over 150 guests at The Foundry in Cambridge. A range of projects included:

  • AASLR by Owen H. and Gabe S.: An ASL robot that can translate sign language into text
  • Solar Shade by Beckett M. and Sasha H.: A solar shade that can cool buildings and reduce energy consumption
  • CodeCruiser by Trevor M., Ethan B., and Isa M.: A coding platform that makes it easy for kids to learn to code
  • ZenScape by Jasmine H., Gabe M., and Patrick T.: A virtual reality game that helps people with anxiety

Capstone Final Presentations

  • Chris V. presented “Distraction Action,” a stop-motion film that dives into procrastination in relation to distractions and one's environment. 
  • Will F. presented a “Can’t Afford to Fail,” a documentary film exploring how economic division in the US impacts entrepreneurship and innovation. 
  • Jer N. presented “From Style to Voice,” a series of works that explores the development of personal style and artistic voice.
  • Amiyr A. presented “Mini Rescue Drone,” a drone that assists first responders search interior spaces during natural disasters.
  • Kunal B. presented “Tidal Tiles,” an interactive installation that illustrates the future impacts of climate challenges.
  • Aveen N. presented “Architecture as a Response to Colonization,” an architectural reimagining of the JFK Federal Building in Boston as a response to the architectural destruction of Iraq.

Trimester Highlights
Overall, Nuvu Innovation School had a very successful spring semester. We ran nine studios, Open Innovation, and Capstone, and had at least one external partnership per session. We also had a very successful Spring Exhibition, which highlighted Capstone project presentations and a Design Fair. We graduated six seniors and had a wonderful end-of-the-year celebration party.

We are excited to continue our work in the fall semester. We have a number of new projects in the works, including a partnership with the MIT Media Lab and a new studio on the intersection of art and technology. We look forward to sharing more updates soon.

Thank you to all of our students, partners, and supporters for making this semester such a success!