September 26, 2018

NuVu Alumna Featured in Brown Piece

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NuVu alumna Kate Reed who is now a student in the RISD-Brown dual degree program was featured in Brown University's "Stories of Impact." Read the article which discusses Kate's interest in creating mindfulness through music and movement. Kate began this project on musical prosthetics while she was a student at NuVu.

Mindfulness Through Music and Movement: SIF Kate Reed’s Vision of Musical Prosthetics

"Musical Prosthetics are a new form of interactive media and tool for enhancing non-verbal communication. Newly created musical instruments are attached to the human body in various exoskeletal formations and wired with sensors that create sounds triggered by body movement. Each wearable sculpture explores a different human emotion. As performers inter act with each other and assume various body postures, the music creates a window into the non-verbal world.

These first three Musical Prosthetics express the primary colors of human emotion; sad, mad, and glad. When we are sad, we slump over, we try to make ourselves smaller, our faces wrinkle, we ring our hands, and we turn inward. When we are angry we are cocky, aggressive, and edgy. When we are happy we are joyous, gentle, playful and kind. Body movements and emotions can be exaggerated with these musical prosthetics, making the wearer’s inner emotions visible and audible, creating the opportunity for deeper communication."

Prosthetic Videos: