October 23, 2019

Mentor Day

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At our NuVuX school in Woodstock, Vermont students are collaborating with industry mentors through a new series. As part of the new Innovation Lab Hive at WUHSMS, both Middle School and High School students were introduced to two mentors through a brief design. The students were asked to build Superhero Wearables which highlight and enhance the talents, passions, and expertise of their assigned mentor. Students began with interviews and discussions with the mentors followed by very rapid prototyping. One mentor, Alex Melville, is a young professional who has recently been working on cryptocurrencies and blockchaining with a passion for the outdoors and backpacking for whom one group designed glasses which open any code to him, while another created a chest plate which projected his code onto the world (example, Alex could walk up to a wall and code a door, and walk through that wall). Also with us was Frank O'Connell who has a history of pushing innovation at Reebok to Mattel to Indian Motorcycles. For him, students created wearables mostly directed toward communication such as a telepathy helmet and an idea capturing lightbulb. 

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