December 14, 2022

2022 Fall Final Exhibit

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Check out some of our students projects that were developed during Open Innovation this fall.


Hexa-Play is a box-like, handheld toy that is able to be taken apart revealing different toys designed for different levels of learning. This project is meant for children coming into a Montessori school, and who might not be used to the more self-guided format of Montessori and need a little help adjusting.  


Dexiblocks are wooden shapes that connect together and make letters. They were designed for dyslexic kids to help them read in a fun, engaging, and hands on way. Studies show that dyslexic kids see everything in a 3D form in their head, even 2D letters. These blocks allow the children to create the 3D letter and hold it, rotate it, and break it apart. This helps to reveal the shapes and curves of how the letter is formed.


Luminal is an interactive and adaptive light installation that takes inspiration from joyous moments and childhood. Luminal can be used and perceived as a  “reset button” and bring more attention to underutilized spaces. It also focuses on bringing more attention to areas that are passed through constantly to encourage people to slow down and stay in the moment. 

Toxic Earth

Toxic Earth is a three-dimensional data visualization that displays the spread of air pollution and its causes. According to National Geographic, nearly 2.5 million people die worldwide each year from the effects of air pollution and Toxic Earth aims to spread awareness of the severity of air pollution. Most maps of air pollution are two-dimensional making them difficult to read and this project proves that data visualizations in three dimensions are more advantageous than those in two.

Gender Queer History Through the Ages

This project is an object that asks the user to step out of their comfort zone to truly confront ideas of gender and learn about their personal ideas of gender. Filled with macabre imagery and uncomfortable texture, the user must peel back layers of identity to learn about different stories and aspects of transitioning that they may not have known about previously. We aim to leave people with a sense of understanding of how deeply gender is tied to identity while also sympathy for those who never receive a chance to feel like themselves.

Triangle House

Triangle House is a project designed to minimize carbon footprint while also keeping amenities and luxuries that make a larger home more attractive to the customer. This home was designed for any person looking for a more affordable and energy-efficient home. The project incorporates playfulness and personalized design elements that other minimalist tiny home plans don't have, while focusing on cost and minimal carbon footprint.